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What if I could show you how to start a business from home for FREE right now and be on your way to earning thousands of dollars every month, just by giving away a card? Yes, I said


How hard is that?

What if there was no competition? What if everybody who participates wins in a big way?
What if your earning potential was immense because you are among the first to know about it?
What if the local merchants where you live would thank you for doing this? (They will!)
What if your community would thank you, too? (Because you can benefit MANY people financially.)

 Would you be excited about the possibilities?

I know I was, and now it is paying me. My name is Brian Monahan, and I am very pleased to be among the first to announce that there is now a unique business opportunity with a proven company that is allowing people just like you and I to cash in on a truly great idea for which the time is right here, right now. It is unique in that the company behind it has a proven track record, but this aspect of doing business is EXTREMELY GROUND FLOOR and it is being accepted with great success. You can find out everything about it - and be part of it - FREE. The best part is that it is designed for everyone who participates to both save money AND make money.


We're now proud to offer you

The little card designed to build a BIG financial future.

And we're giving it away FREE!

 The Concept Of Giving Vs. Selling

We've created a refreshing idea - an easy, ethical, legal, and moral way to make money by giving away what we have to offer. We do it in a way that everyone who uses what we give away wins in some way. It is about The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".

So, we're giving it away: Free memberships. Free cards. Free participation. Free enterprise.

Think about this: We're giving away a card that has value that everyone can use every day to save money doing what they already do, buying the things they need or want in their everyday lives. That money comes from rebates we send to card members who use their card with participating businesses, both online and offline around the world. We have a business relationship with every business that accepts the ClubBucks Rewards Card, and we already have a system in place so that anyone can earn referral fees from anyone they give the card to. The card is tracked by ID number (with a unique bar code, too). Anyone can use the card to share the idea with anyone else almost anywhere, simply by giving away a card (or even just a free membership online). This is the perfect way to network, online or offline. No selling, no meetings, no hype.

The ClubBucks Rewards Card is accepted at over 250 shopping locations and service provider locations online already, Our members who choose to are building a network of members and merchants worldwide. That network is growing in many countries around the world as well as the USA. If you give away our card yourself, in time, you'll be earning money from purchases made in many parts of the world. Imagine getting a commission when a member buys lunch somewhere way around the world! That very thing (and other scenarios just like it) is happening for me even now. And this is just the beginning!

This is an outstanding concept for which the time is at hand. It benefits those who use it to create a growing network business. It benefits consumers, businesses, non-profit organizations, too. There is nothing like it anywhere, and its success is growing daily. And the best part is that whether or not you choose to participate in our growing business, you can use your free card to save money right now, getting rebates on almost anything you ever buy. There is no need to pay retail ever again. Using your ClubBucks card makes you part of a HUGE group buyers club, and the rewards in savings are remarkable. This aspect alone is reason enough to get YOUR card, even if there was not a great business opportunity for you with it. But there is!

Here are just a few of our many ways to save with ClubBucks:

Members can shop online at hundreds of stores and automatically earn cash back rebates. Major brand names such as Old Navy, Dell, Staples, Best Buy, Office Max, Disney Store, Expedia, Gateway, Hallmark. Hickory Farms, Kohl's, KB Kids, Lane Bryant, PetSmart, Priceline,Sears Home Center, Tool King, Tower Records and literally hundreds of others.
Click Here for a complete list of stores just in the USA.

Members can shop offline at participating ClubBucks merchants and automatically earn cash back rebates. There are many opportunities for sponsoring merchants locally for our members.

Members can shop online at participating ClubBucks merchants and automatically earn cash back rebates.


 There are also additional savings opportunities for travel, health care, recreation, vacations, hearing and vision service, a prescription plan, a mortgage plan, a legal plan, safety products - even grocery coupons!

As you can see, we have a lot to offer!

I would like to send you your free, no obligation ClubBucks Rewards Card membership right now so you can experience first hand how great and how simple our business really is. Once you have your membership (you'll be notified by an email, which will include your ID number), you can print your ClubBucks Rewards Card right away.

I'll follow up that notification with an email that explains how you can get started immediately building a business using the ClubBucks Rewards Card, a business that can earn you thousands of dollars a month, just like it is for me.

I would also like for you to consider getting your free membership as the beginning of a good personal relationship with me, if you choose, and I invite you to email me with any questions or comments you may have. I am noting my contact information below. I want you to come to know me as a real person who is available to help you understand ClubBucks Rewards and that I am willing to help you get started using all the potential it holds to your advantage.

Please take a moment to fill out this simple form, and you will have your membership within minutes. Again, your membership is free. There is no obligation. If you don't like what you see, you can cancel your membership at any time. Just enter the following:

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I am glad to give you something very valuable. Use it and live your dreams!

Brian Monahan

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